Where are they now?

Success is an attitude, good habits adopted. The positive work ethics developed at WSCA help take all our students far.

Monique graduated Montclair State University and is now working on her Law Degree. Justin Beller has a Bachelor's Degree from Stockton State College and is working on his Master's in Hoboken. Jasmin is a Senior at Mid-American Christian University. Delaina is a Pre-Med student at Howard University. Aaron Velazquez has worked on his culinary skills at Brookdale College. Akin is attending Ranney School; Jahmai is attending Monmouth Regional. Chris will graduate from Long Branch High School STEM Program, and Preson Pierre is attending Colonial Christian Academy. We pray for continued success for each and every one of them.

News Updates

 June 2014

We successfully completed the school year with the student overall grade point average of 95.92%. (Overall performance was a bit lower this year because students faced sometimes overwhelming challenges as they worked to overcome absences and mental stresses brought on by Hurricane Sandy.) We celebrated all of our hard work at a wonderful graduation ceremony which was packed with a full house of parents, staff and supporters cheering our students' successes.

After a long tough year of school it is time for our summer fun extravaganza-"The Best Summer I've Ever Had".  This day-long camp allows our West Side Christian Academy students and other area children to totally re-energize and have a great time.

It is our aim to teach each of our inner-city campers water safety rules and how to swim in pools and at our local beaches.  We also have experienced boating and field trips. Over the summer, we have had an opportunity to explore the diversity and excitement of our cities.  All of these wonderful supervised activities provide our community parents with a much better option than a "latch-key-kid" situation.

We are in the midst of giving our twenty-five campers 40 days of of awe-inspiring and challenging activities.  We also help our campers maintain their academic proficiency (especially math skills).  We are looking forward to sharing our stories of this super summer.

Thank you to all our hard working families, our supporters and our volunteers for allowing our children to enjoy "The Best Summer I've Ever Had"!