To donate to WSCA, mail checks to:
P.O. Box
Red Bank, NJ 07701-0506

For more information, please contact Doris Jackon at
or call (732) 693-4336

Something you should know:

The 2012 operating budget of the West Side Christian Academy (WSCA) was nearly 150 thousand dollars.  The staff members of WSCA, both paid and volunteer, were able to mentor and educate approximately 30 children. The average cost to deliver the WSCA eduacation is $5,000 per student.

While tuition and fees, as billed, would have covered approximately 75% of 2012 expenses, many of the families supporting our students struggle to pay the ten monthly tuition payments which average $225 per month.  In fact, the WSCA collected less than 60% of Tuition and Fees in 2012.  The following year was even more difficult for families recovering from Sandy.

The remaining expenses were largely covered by individuals who support the school's mission.  These donations are sometimes augmented by matching donations from donor's employees.

Donations range from $15 per month donated faithfully by a senior citizen living here in Asbury Park to an annual donation of $5000 made by an individual who has supported the WSCA since 2003.  In 2000, the school was launched with a $42,000 donation raised by a private fundraiser.

Every dollar donated is stretched to best meet the needs of the WSCA students.  We also appreciate all of the goods and services community members donate. We depend on the generosity of our supporters. Thank you.